Slow Motions

Wednesday 3rd September 2008

6-8pm Room 102 Achilles House

Slow Motions was a one-night exhibition, an intervention in a room of Achilles House, downtown Auckland. The site was being renovated to be made into up-market office suites. Somewhat underhandedly I procured access to the site on the evening of the 3rd, the same day that there was an opening next door at the well established Rm103 gallery, installed the screens I had made that day, and brought some boxes of beer to share. The screens caught the various shifts in lighting from the windows they covered, and made diffuse and constantly changing light-boxes. The windows were in ill-repair and hence some air movement was made tangible by the screens being pushed and pulled, as with an in-drawn or exhaled breath. Before 8o'clock the building manager and caretaker chanced to come upon the scene and were irate. The exhibition was de-installed by 10pm that evening.
slow motions
2008. Butter paper, tape